"I wanted to share my recent health experience with you.
I have suffered with Endometriosis and Chronic Constipation (sometimes not being able to go for almost over a week) for many years.
   Having had surgery for the Endo and endless unsatisfactory appointments with my GP Practice about the constipation, fatigue, acne, weight gain, severe bloating and sadly miscarriages.
I've been told its my age, its normal for me, you'll have to work a bit harder to get those pounds off, eat more wholegrain, prescribed HUSK based products, 'your borderline so wont be treated' the list goes on - all very frustrating.
   I asked my partner for a course of Colonic Hydrotherapy as a Christmas present and after some reaserch for a qualified practitioners pointed him in the direction of the 'Wainwright Therapy Centre' on Kenwood Avenue, Sheffield. 

   Nervous and anxious I met with Colon Hydrotherapist - Jay Judge who was without a doubt a breath of fresh air. After a thorough look at my diet and lifestyle followed by the first of three Hydrotherapy treatments Jay was able to establish I had a Wheat and Gluten Intolerance and advised on a Wheat and Gluten Free diet along with limiting caffiene, red meats and sugar.
   I cant emphasise enough the benefits of changing my diet along with the relief through the Hydrotherapy. Within three days my energy levels hit the roof and for the first time in three years I have rejoined the gym. Im my first week I lost 5.5.pounds and am still slowly and steadily losing the weight three weeks on.
Forget the diets, forget the fads and invest in seeing Jay ~ her advice has potentially saved me from serious illness including a higher risk of Bowel and Stomach cancers given the amount of toxins my body was holding.
   Constipation is one of biggest causes behind most ailments.
Please forget the quick fix, no fix diets and invest in your health. It will not only help you feel and look fantastic it will also help with the weight loss, improve your quality of life. No quick fix diet is going to do that.
   Jay is absolutely fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for the advice and treatment."

 AdamsD in Sheffield Forum


"When I found out that I have a lump in my breast the size of a golf ball, I have decided to take on natural healing rather than the conventional medical interventions of removing the lump. The size of my lump shrank from an intense healing and detox programme, but it stayed the same size until I included colon irrigation with Jay as part of my detox and healing programme.  After each session of colon irrigation with Jay, I noticed my lump shrank even further to the size of a marble.  Jay's synopsis of introduction to the digestive system on our first session, helped me to understand what I need to focus in my healing program. Jay is very caring and professional towards me.  My colonic experience with Jay has been pleasant."

M. Young, Barnsley.